TRADEMINER – Stocks – Futures – Forex – Seasonal Market Trends

With Trademiner, Traders Can Quickly Identify Recurring Trends And Market Cycles That Occur In The Stocks, Futures, And Forex Markets. After Scanning, The Trends Are Scored And Ranked To Help Prioritize The Most Significant Trading Opportunities


It’s Like Wildfire!

I just wanted to drop you a quick personal note to let you know of a really sweet new investment software research tool that you might be interested in. It’s called TradeMiner, and it’s pretty much been sweeping through the investment community like wildfire.

I’ve been using it myself for the past couple of days, and find it to be pretty amazing. Simply put, it helps us find historical market patterns and cycles on a seasonal basis. I’ve been using it along with my other market technical tools, and it seems to work pretty well.

Anyway, I just thought you might want to take a look.

I wish you the best, and may all your trades be winners!