The Starfish Factor 

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Subject:  Five AMAZING Steps to that Perfect Job!

Hi (first name) It’s not often that I am impressed, but I’m saying “Wow” about this very unique 5-step process called “The Starfish Factor”! I’m sure the methods described in this amazing book will be completely new to you.

They are steps towards proven and effective ways to dramatically improve your job prospect activities and your long-term career (and personal happiness as a result!)

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These well-kept secrets will help launch you to that next level, and you’ll walk away with more self-awareness, self-confidence, and all the tools you need to grab an awesome career! You’re going to have a step by step process to self-assess your skills, behavior style and values and you’re guaranteed to have FUN while you’re doing all this. This is really good stuff!

I’ve never seen a book like this with so much great content, exercises, inspiration, humor, stories, and so much more to support your efforts! I am talking about achieving things that many others have never had the tools to do.

Imagine how it will feel when you get to celebrate your success! Wishing you well with achieving your greatest dreams!

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