The Power Golf Fitness System

 A Complete At-home, Time-efficient, Golf Fitness System With Comprehensive E-manual And Videos Of Each And Every Stretch And Exercise.









Subject Line: The Secret to Distance, Consistency and Pain-Free Golf


“I crushed the ball today!”

“I felt like I couldn’t miss!”

“I feel fresh, let’s play another 18!”

Can you remember the last time YOU felt that way?

Have you ever felt that way?

Look, I know you’re serious about golf, because you are a subscriber to our list.

And I know you’re always looking for legitimate ways to improve, because I’m a golf nut also 😉

There are a lot of components to playing better golf, like improving your skills on certain aspects of
your game, and “getting out of your own way” mentally.

And then there is golf fitness.

It’s all the rage right now, and with good reason.

You’ll never be able to fully utilize your golf skills, if your body cannot perform the swing you desire.

On top of that, the injury rate is sky high for a non-contact sport. Low back, shoulders, wrists,
elbows… the list goes on and on.

If you are serious about your golf game, then you MUST incorporate some form of golf-specific
fitness into your routine.

But there are two major issues here:

1) Who do you trust to provide a safe and effective golf fitness program?
2) How do you find the time to fit it into your lifestyle?

I’ve got great news. My friend Stephen Ladd has an exceptional product “The Power Golf Fitness System”.

Coach Stephen has been training golfers as athletes for over 18 years (long before it was the latest trend). He has
extensive training from the most respected Golf Fitness Professionals in the world, including The Titleist Performance
Institute and The CHEK Golf Performance Institute.

His new System takes you step-by-step through each and every stretch and exercise… and not just with descriptions
and photos, but also with video.

You will go through the proper progressions so that you see improvements every week, but can rest assured that you are being
safe in the way you perform each exercise, and don’t go too fast for your body to adjust and recover.

And what is really great is that these workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment and in about 30 minutes. So you can
spend the majority of your time playing golf and enjoying all the other aspects of your life.

I could go on for some time here telling you why I love (and personally use) this program, but you’ll need to decide for yourself.

Check it out here now:




P.S. What really sets this System apart are the videos of Stephen performing each and every
stretch and exercise. Also, if you have any questions, he is one of the most committed coaches
I have ever known, and he will get back to you via email, or even by phone to get you the answers.

Check it out here now: