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How to Be the Ultimate Fighter

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Expert Author Stephen Ladd

Are you inspired by the Ultimate Fighter? It is a gem of a reality show for television viewers and it is well conceived and brilliantly produced and caters to the huge base of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fans across the country. All Spike-TV watchers get a diverse assortment of casts every single season on the Ultimate Fighter! This is why the show is so popular.

Famous television personalities clashing with each other, is a common ingredient in reality shows but on the Ultimate Fighter, these personalities fight it out inside the octagon. As seasons pass, the number of contestants starts to fade away from the public eye, sometimes never to appear on television shows again.

A fighter has to pay attention to a number of things while practicing for MMA fights. The factors they have to put emphasis on are:


Also, most fighters are put on a diet while they are still training for their fight. So what are the most essential requirements to be the ultimate fighter?

o Stamina, speed and agility are important weapons for any fighter since they keep one on their toes, helping them dodge the punches of their opponents and attack them in return and still have enough vigor to survive the fight and not lose the match because of exhaustion.

o Flexibility, strength and power is needed to help develop a fighter’s kicking force and punching abilities, and flexibility also helps hone maneuverability around one’s opponent who’s trying to win over him.

o Strength is the key element in any martial arts fight since it makes it harder for the opponent to wrestle him and throw him down.

o Your overall fitness should be really good and if you have never been into exercising, then it would be better if one goes through a fitness training program over a tenure of a few months, so that one has enough physical strength to start the fighter training.

o Stick to a good and healthy diet regimen to make sure you get all the nutrition needed to get your body recover after the arduous workouts.

o Being supple is important as well. Getting used to having your limbs being held in odd positions and being able to stretch yourself to the limit are signs of suppleness. With more suppleness, kicks and punches become harder and faster.

o Over all of these, discipline is of the essence. Although MMA training will make you sore and ache, although it’s tough, and although you might want to give up, sacrifice those things you enjoy doing and if you are determined enough and have an aspiration to win and give it your best, then all those things you had forfeited to achieve success will become worth it.

o And last but not least, you need to “train your brain” for success! Most fighters and coaches talk about fighting being 80% or more mental, but very few fighters ever work on a systematic approach to their mental games. Do that, and you will have a HUGE advantage.

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