Quality music lessons for TWO instruments at the price of ONE. This is a one-of-a-kind program that brings the guitar and harmonica together.

Keys To The Blues

Blues Chart and Cheat Sheet for Harp N Guitar

Harmonica  Essentials

Get knowledgeable, confident and sounding great on harmonica.

Harmonica Cheat Sheets

Learn the notes, blow or draw, for every chord.

Harp Riffs

Classic Rock, Blues and Folk Licks and Melodies for Harmonica

Guitar Essentials

Lessons for the beginning guitarist

Guitar Maintenance

Cleaning and Changing Strings

Guitar Chords

Learn how chords are named and created, how to read a guitar chord diagram, and play lots of chords and progressions.

Rhythm Guitar and Strumming

Get good at rhythm guitar.
Learn how to count rhythms and smooth out choppy strumming.

Finger Picking

Introducing Travis style finger picking to add polish and professionalism to your sound

Harmonica and Guitar

This video series brings the guitar and harmonica together.

The Blues

12 Bar Progression, Chords, Scales, Licks, Jams and More!

Song Lessons

Learn to play classic Rock, Blues and Folk songs especially arranged for Harp N Guitar.