Hello, my name is Paul I am the creator of the 3 to 3,000 method.

What is 3 to 3,000? And what does it mean?

3 to 3,000 is a method that generates a financial profit i.e. money, by placing 3 bets a day on horse racing.

Each of these 3 bets i consider to be 1 point, or £1, £10, £100 etc., so in total there are 3 points wagered a day.

The amount wagered is up to you.

The bets are made up of 2 single types and 1 double type.

If you are new to betting i will explain the terminology:

A single is betting on a single horse to win a race, and a double is betting on a combination of two horses to win their races.

Therefore each day we have 3 bets consisting of 2 singles and 1 double, making for a total of 3 bets.

3 bets, 2 different types of bets – pretty simple so far, right?!

And don’t worry if you do not understand at the moment, as i will be with you every step of the way as you undertake your own journey from £3 to £3,000.

Now back to the bets themselves.

The 2 single bets bring in regular wins which will help to grow your bank, and the 1 double bet brings the occasional big win, which really gets things moving up fast.

And finally, the 3,000 part of the method is when i advise that you cash out the profit that you have made to the safety of your bank account, where it is yours to keep and use however you see fit, on anything that you like whatsoever.

And that is what makes this method so successful.

It is the 2 different types of bets along with the regular cash outs.

I have found this method to be very successful and a great way to earn an income, and now you can enjoy the profits that this method makes as well.