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SUBJECT: Do You Make This Critical Firearms Training Mistake?

When most shooters bring their pistol up to take a shot, they take a moment or two to find their sights and line them up with the target.

This is fine when you’re just plinking and having fun.

But it’s a mistake to think that you’ll have that kind of time in a self-defense shooting situation where the life of a loved one may be on the line.

In a high speed shooting situation, people tend to get impatient when they can’t find the sights and just mash the trigger before getting their sights lined up on the target.  And the result is way more misses than necessary–more misses than you can afford.

Fortunately, there’s an easy, 2-part solution that I’ll share with you…

First is to use the grip that I talk about>HERE< that will automatically bring your sights up into alignment between your dominant eye and the target every time you grab your pistol—this can slash your drawstroke times and get you the fast first-shot hits that you need.

With this same grip, the sights on your pistol will automatically come back into perfect alignment after each shot—which will slash the time for accurate followup shots.

Second, is a specific set of quick, easy vision drills that will help you see your sights faster…as much as 2-3 TIMES quicker.  And the quicker you can see accuratelythe quicker you can shoot accurately AND identify threats accurately.

This high leverage training has already helped thousands of shooters…everyone from new shooters to the career knuckle draggers I call friends and you can see more right now by clicking >HERE<

You’ll see why law enforcement and military tactical operators from across the country and around the globe use our training, as well as civilians who are serious about concealed carry and self-defense.

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